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Mark Winger on the Beat Goes On

A Charge To The Fraternity by Benjamin Franklin, starring Richard Easton

The Masonic Forget me not

Freemason chat with Benjamin Franklin

Freemasons Lodge - Culture Night 2012, Dublin

Tour of the House of the Temple

The Gift of Irish Freemasonry

Henry Wellcome Moya Dig in Sudan

Part II

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Freimaurer Kantata (Freemason music)

For the last seven years of his life Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a Freemason. The Masonic order played an important role in his life and work. In 1784 Mozart joined the Lodge 'True Harmony of Spirits' and later the Lodge 'Charity' and finally the Lodge 'New Crowned Hope.' The impressions he received were so profound and significant that on the 6th April 1785, his father, Leopold Mozart, when on a visit to Vienna, became a member of his son's Lodge, 'New Crowned Hope.' The song called 'Gesellenreise' (Fellowcraft's Journey) was composed at the occasion of the father being passed to the 2nd or Fellowcraft Degree.

"You, who now are risen higher
unto Wisdom's high abode,
Wander steadfast higher, higher,
Know, it is the noblest road.
Only spirit without blight
May approach the source of Light."

Of all Masonic composers, Mozart appears to be the one who has written the most on all types of Masonic subjects. Included here is music for the actual ritual ceremony, music dedicated to the establishment of Lodges, music depicting personal feelings of the Brotherhood and its meaning, and the Masonic music for his father mentioned in the previous paragraph.
"Oh You, Our New Leaders" was a song written for the installation of the officers of a newly constituted Lodge and was sung at the closing of the ceremonies. The text of the lyrics illustrates clearly the significance such occasions had for Mozart.

"Oh you our new leaders,
We thank you now for all your faith.
Oh lead us ever on paths of virtue,
That all rejoice in the chain that ties us,
The chain that ties us unto better men
And giveth sweetness to life's chalice,
Gives sweetness to the cup of life.

And on the rungs of truth
Let us approach the throne of Wisdom,
That we may reach its holiness,
And that we of her crown may be worthy,
Of we with Charity drive out
The jealousy of the profane.

"The holy adjuration we also vow:
To strive for perfection of our great temple,
To strive for perfection of our building great,
To strive for perfection of the temple, like you."

An excerpt from the video above contains the words...

"Loudly herald our great gladness, joyous instrumental sound,
Let the echoes of these pillars in each Brother's heart abound!
Lord we dedicate this station by our golden chain of Brothers,
And the truest bond of hearts, that it shall our temple be."


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