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Lindsay Stuart Dempster

Lindsay Dempster

W.Bro. Lindsay Dempster was a long-time member, and Past Master of, Lodge Otago Kilwinning No. 417 S.C. So why does a man from a Lodge in the Scottish Constitution appear in the 'In Memoriam' section on a web site belonging to the Irish Constitution?

Lindsay was a great contributor to Lodge St. Patrick, frequently playing the organ during certain of our ceremonies and at many Installations. Originally initiated into Lodge Otago Kilwinning in 1971, he was elevated to the Chair of King Solomon in December 1998, and remained a dedicated and respected member of the Order.

A real character, Lindsay was an incurable teller of terrible 'Dad' jokes, but he would do anything for anyone, and assisted where'er his assistance was sought. An accomplished squash player, he regularly played for his club, The Otago Squash Club, played the organ for the Presbyterian Church in Kaikorai, Dunedin, and sang in the Otago Freemasons' Choir.

For eight years Lindsay fought a continuous battle with cancer, yet he never seemed to allow the disease slow him down. Indeed, he was competing at squash just a couple of weeks prior to his death! Needless to say, as their Brother for 32 years, his passing is a huge loss to Lodge Otago Kilwinning, the local Scottish and Irish Constitutions, and to Freemasonry in general.

His well-attended funeral was held in Dunedin on the 19th August, at which the Masonic Choir was spontaneously joined by the many Freemasons present when they sang the hymn, 'Abide With Me'. It was a moving tribute to a humble man. And, true to form, Lindsay also left us all with a thought on which to ponder:

"Most people say that, as you get old, you have to give up things. I think that you get old because you give up things."


W,Bro. L S Dempster

16 December 1939 – 12 August 2013

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